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Welcome to the BBB Community Outreach Educator Information Section

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This page is specifically for BBB educators who have completed the two-day BBB Community Outreach Educator Training and are actively teaching others about early brain development. It is a place where you can report your use of BBB materials, update your educator record, and find contact information about other educators. This section is also a repository for teaching ideas, tips, educational resources, and information to make sharing BBB informationmore successful.


BBB Online Reporting System


Evaluation Tools for BBB Educators

This page includes evaluation tools that you can use to evaluate BBB training workshops. Additional tools will be developed and added as needed.


Resources and Ideas for BBB Educators

This page includes teaching ideas and activities that could be used to educate others. If you have ideas to share on this page, please email them to Diane Bales.


Update Your Educator Record

Access, review, and update your address, phone number, email, organization, and other information in the BBB educator database. Remember that some educator information is visible to the public; please be sure your information is updated whenever something changes!


View Other Educators' Information

Contact other BBB educators to share ideas and resources! This link can help you find other educators. The list can be sorted by the specific 2-day training each educator attended to help you find other educators who attended your training workshop.