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Success Stories: Marilynn Ward

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Marilynn Ward, an avid Better Brains for Babies educator, used BBB materials in an online course for early childhood educators titled “The Real Faces of Poverty.” This course focuses on why underrepresented children require quality early learning experiences. The BBB materials were used to explain how quality care and learning experiences promote healthy brain development, no matter the circumstances.


“The Real Faces of Poverty” is about a commitment to providing quality early learning experiences for all children. People often make assumptions about children based on their socioeconomic conditions. They may assume that an affluent child is smarter or an underserved child is less capable of learning. The truth is that the quality of care and enriching learning experiences that children receive during a crucial time of brain development (birth through 8) influences how they learn. 


One goal of the online course is to help participants draw insight about the developing brain and recognize that all children are capable of learning. The Better Brains for Babies materials were integrated in the course to show how quality enriching learning experiences help promote healthy brain development. The Better Brains for Babies materials present information in a user-friendly ways that reaches wide audiences and directly targets the social consciousness of individuals by making a commitment to elevating their promise to the service of children. 


Additionally, the online course allows participants to critically think about their service as an early childhood practitioner.  It is important for professionals to realize that every moment is precious for a growing child, and every child has the right to receive a high-quality start in life. As a nation, we must raise the standard of quality care and education for our youngest citizens.  It should be a national priority! 


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